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We are a network services company with extensive experience in the security field, specifically in WAN and security threat intelligence.

Company founder Jason has over 20 years of experience in the security field and has successfully built a solid foundation.

Founder Jason Yen: "The most important and greatest wealth of an entrepreneur is your integrity, attitude towards doing things, and the ability to proactively solve problems. Adhering to the concept of "never forget the original intention" along the way, you can achieve success. With the goal of opening up the international market, we provide the best network security solutions to global enterprises."

UGUARD NETWORKS Becomes a Singapore Company

UGUARD NETWORKS will be favored by Singapore investors for investment in 2023!

In May 2024, a Singapore company was established and its headquarters was set up in the center of Singapore. It is located in the development center of the Asia-Pacific. In view of the importance of localization, the R&D center was also established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to expand its penetration into foreign markets and recruit more international experts.

For Our Customers

UGUARD NETWORKS customers can easily achieve the best results from their solutions.

Our customers are able to easily scale and replicate the success of their solutions because our products are easy to deploy and operate and adapt to your network environment.

We not only listen, but listen carefully to the needs of each customer, stand in your position and plan for your benefit, constantly interact with customers to discuss, thoroughly understand customer-specific problems, and are committed to constantly innovating new solutions. programs to address these challenges.

For Our Partners

Our team is committed to technological innovation to ensure the best solutions for our customers.

With market-leading and innovative technical capabilities, we work closely with UGUARD NETWORKS partners to obtain the best solutions, promote them to more customers in need around the world, and promote them with our partners to gain a huge international information security Market opportunities will give you higher brand awareness.

In response to the needs of customers, partners and the market, we enable you to flexibly use methods in the rapidly changing digital environment to achieve mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation.


Company History

UGuard was Established

The No. 1 leading brand of WAN solutions in sales in Taiwan.


The Traffic Qos flow control product will be updated to 64-bit bottom layer, and the throughput of the product will be improved to 20Gbps processing performance.


Start the development of WAN application products and enhance the reporting function of uReport 3.0.


AgileLink next-generation WAN products are launched and define WAN-side applications. We are experts in the WLLB field.


Introducing AgileLink.
AL-5000A/6000A high-end 15Gbps processing performance model.


Start new product research and development: application of low-orbit satellite network on WAN side and integration of Speed ​​Tunnel acceleration and intelligence.


The Singapore head office was established and innovated functions in line with market demand.

Singapore Company Established.
We Keep You Safe Online

We Ensure the Security of Your Network

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