Layer7 for SaaS PBR
Global Traffic Collaboration (GTC)
Application Identification
DoS Protection
Historical Data
System Users

Total Solution for Threat Control and Detection

365 Days
Mandatory user password reset.
12 Month
Built-in monthly calendar function.
Password or disabled function settings.

Simplified WAN Management


Global Traffic Collaboration –
Global Traffic Collaboration(GTC)

Distributes and directs the traffic from the Internet to access services based on configured priorities/best-practices to ensure efficient bandwidth usage and improve the quality of service. (SOA, SRV, A, AAAA, CNAME, NS, MX, TXT records are supported)

X-View reporting system to easily confirm network operation status

The built-in historical statistical report function provides a complete management, control and detection solution: user MAC real-name management, with customized display of accumulated online traffic/latest rate/number of established connections/history records/statistical information.
Administrators can obtain user history and statistical information on the device, including: line management, flow control and anomaly detection confirmation.
Whether it is Top N access sources, application usage, access websites, etc., all information can be found in the built-in reporting system.

The Benefits it Brings to You

Multiple Line Backup
Avoid service interruptions due to line outages.
WAN Link Load Balance Gives Full Play to Line Synergy
Not limited to a single line, each line can be effectively.
More Than 5 Load Balancing Algorithms
Flexible settings and suitable for user needs.
Consolidate WAN Bandwidth
Efficient utilization of lines and avoid redundancy.
Reduce WAN Cabling Costs and IT Management Costs
Effectively reduce enterprise costs.
Original Machine Upgrade Bandwidth
Extend equipment efficiency and reduce costs.
Built-in Reports
Instantly check line bandwidth efficiency.
Support for Standardized CEF Format
SysLog supports CEF format and ArcSight integration.
Support HA Redundancy
Solve the problem of equipment single point of failure.
Automatic detect network quality function
ICMP detection effective response time Min: 1ms
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